Why resellers and manufactures should not worry if Trump withdraws China’s postal treaty?

Based on data, Chinese companies make 60% of packages shipped to the US. This domination has been directly pointed to the favorable pricing that international countries receive when shipping to the US. While outbound mail of american exporters is charged more! Imagine, shipping within the states is about $20 while shipping from China to US in only $5!

As business owners, we would definitely go to where we can have lesser cost for shipping and at the same time can deliver. Since deliveries coming from China have lower rates, it has been a common offer in most postal rates to have free shipping from this country. That is why it is a fire hit!Look at this data showing how much shipment is going to be affected with the amidst withdrawal:


Now that President Trump is in the run to withdraw from this postal treaty that allowed Chinese companies to do all these, resellers and manufacturers would be the getting the hard blows. Which will lead to passing the burdens to the consumers. This means a downfall is expected in all sectors of business if higher costs is charged. But this is not totally the case for Fulfillmen clients!

Fulfillmen has warehouses both in China and US. With this, we ran the business as usual. Allowing our customers in all sectors to focus on sales all over the world! While we take good care of shipping their customers’ needs!

Fulfiimen ships from China to US with very low rates with 3 shipping lines: 7 to 12 days, 6 to 9 days and 3 to 7 days. While shipment within US is just 1 to 3 days!Do like a pro!

Let us stock and ship for you!



#Orderfulfillment could be the last step to the approach of the completion of an #order.It is the process involved in completing an order and making it feel like satisfactory to the customers. To put it in layman’s terms, it is the complete process involved from the point of sales to delivery of the product. On a larger perspective, it refers to the approach the organization and also firm adopts in responding to the order placed by way of the customer.

Fulfillmen -an order fulfillment platform from China





Order fulfillment simple refers to a series of complex processes from point of sales to delivery of a product.The definition seems pretty simple, but the whole idea of fulfillment process is much complex than it appears. Although, these processes vary from companies to companies; in a broader sense it can be described as how a company responds to a customer’s orders.


Latest trends of fulfillment services 2017: Increasing demand for 3rd Party Logistics Service Providers

There has been a lot of hustle in the eCommerce industry this year with no disappointments as such. In fact, this niche is constantly experiencing a growing competition for businesses to stand out in the market. Hence, order fulfillment being a major part here, companies need to stay updated with the latest trends of fulfillment services in 2017.If you are in the same business domain, check out what to expect from the market this year.


Latest trends of fulfillment services:

In 2016, the global fulfillment market was estimated at approximately$40 billion. Analysts expect this value to reach around $52 billion by the end of 2021. Following are going to be the key drivers for growth of fulfillment services.

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Order Fulfillment in China

Fulfillmen International shipping: a new trend in Order Fulfillment Platform from China(www.fulfillmen.com)offering a wide range of logisics as well warehousing solutions for eCommerce vendors who produce stuff from China.

Fulfillmen ships internationally from any of these fulfillment centers in Huizhou and Shenzhen, China to any customers door accessible by carriers anywhere in the world.

It eliminates the hassles and delays of cross-border commerce business, so brands selling and shipping a higher volume of merchandise locations will usually be benefited from having inventory in one Location in China  and should not use multiple fulfillment centers.
We provide fulfillment service from our warehouse and from there we can arrange collection and shipment of your products and orders.That can be fulfilled on request with shipping through any number of different channels you choose from.
The inventory would be securely stored there and stock levels would be updated in real-time on our most advanced online system so the customer can check their inventory level, finance status, tracking number online at any time without a headache.Now we also developed a most advanced API system for our E-Biz customers!!

Keeping international shipping costs down

Here are some ways to consider to keep your international order spend down.

  • Using a government carrier helps keep additional fees down because they do not charge customs brokerage fees, unlike private carriers. Government carriers include USPS, China post, Royal Mail, Hongkong Post, Netherland Post, Singapore Post etc.
  • Retail cost defined in your Invoice determines the total value which is used to determine customs duties during import.
  • Use the Fulfillmen’s China warehouse to minimize delivery costs. If you ship a lot to different destinations and sell in many numbers of B2C Stores like Amazon, Ebay,  Aliexpress, Newegg,Lazada, ETSY etc and Platforms like Shopify, Magento, big commerce,woo commerce and if use a warehouse in those countries  has many disadvantages for both small and large brands:
    1. You need to pay customs & duties, clearance, and transportation upon delivery to warehouse
    2. Again need to pay for the local shipping charges up to the end customer’s door
    3. You may manage all your inventory in a  Warehouse in the destination so need to pay those Extra charges like packing and pack fee, Storage fee, Handling fee etc and bit more expensive when compared to China.
    4. If inventory stored in China it is much more convenient if the products got damaged or not working properly, can return back to the manufacturer on time and easy.

5.Better shipping rates and shorter transit time for orders and much more !!