Why Do E-commerce Seller’s Finding 3PL Fulfillment Warehouse?

One of the biggest challenges with running an e-commerce business is finding an efficient and inexpensive way to deliver your goods to the end customer.In fact, most small to medium sized online stores today leverage a fulfillment center (or 3PL) to automate their order fulfillment so they can focus on the core parts of their business.This article will also... Continue Reading →


Chinese Company the World’s Most Efficient Courier Service

What logistical considerations are available to Cross-border? What sparks buyers' preference for Cross-border logistics over other companies? Is Cross-border efficient, or effective, or both in terms of management of its order-to-delivery turnaround time? What is the variety of cargo shipment that Cross-border handles? Is the company client-centered or management-focused? Does Cross-border have a specialty cargo?... Continue Reading →


  As commerce evolved, purchasing and shopping can do via online. Issues of warehousing, inventory, packing, shipping, and tracking, would still have to be taken care of; therefore, everything should move online too. But how can you do that? Then look for the most essential ingredient of the e-commerce recipe "Order fulfillment".   3PL or... Continue Reading →

Epack China eCommerce Seminar 2019

Fulfillmen Organised "Epack "an International E-commerce Seminar provided a new experience for online sellers. During this seminar, we answer all the questions regarding shipping, logistics, manufacturing in China, negotiation, promotion, production, and branding. Also, prepared some amazing bonus; to learn about possible steps to create a 7-figure number in sales. More than 80 attendees from... Continue Reading →

Still, using the traditional ways for Shipping??

The past 10 years have seen a lot of innovations in  and#Ecommerce  #logistics. Things are changing so fast that if you are not able to adjust to the fluctuating conditions, you will be simply thrown out from the ##Ecommerce world. Yes; It's time for innovations in warehousing and shipping!!!!! Introducing #Fulfillmen, an advanced cloud-based#warehouse management... Continue Reading →

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